The Gates of Joy

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The Gates of Joy
By Rabbi Chaim Avraham Zakutinsky
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The Laws and Customs of the Jewish Wedding

THE GATES OF JOY, by Rabbi Chaim Avraham Zakutinsky, that can walk any couple through the exciting time of engagement and marriage and guide them through the minhagim and halachos that this stage in life introduces them to.

This sefer, created for both the layman and Rabbi alike, elucidates and explains the halachos and customs of Ashkenazim, Sephardim, and Chassidim, including Chabad Chassidim. The sefer also has a Kuntras of Sheilos posed to Rabbi Oelbaum shlit"a and his response.

This 400 page hardcover sefer ensures that every couple can travel through this special time confident that they are following all of our beautiful mesorah that make this time truly joyous.

Language: English
Pages: 400
Published:Feb 14, 2017