Under Fire:Diary of an Israeli Commander on the Battlefield

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Under Fire:Diary of an Israeli Commander on the Battlefield
By Yoni Chetboun
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This story of Israel’s struggle against Islamic terror from 1998 to 2008, now available in English for the first time, Lt. Col. (Res.) Yoni Chetboun describes his service as a commander during one of the most complex security periods in the state’s history.

The drama climaxed at the Battle of Bint Jbeil in the 2006 Lebanon War, in which eight soldiers and commanders fell. One was Maj. Roi Klein, who jumped on a grenade to save his soldiers. For his bravery in this battle, Chetboun was awarded a Chief of Staff citation. He relates here the thoughts racing through the mind of a commander under fire who bears responsibility for the lives of his soldiers.

This is a story of personal sacrifice. Chetboun arrived at his own engagement party with camouflage paint still on his face; his new wife was alone while he was in the heart of Ramallah, four meters from PA Chairman Yassir Arafat’s office. Yet, avows Chetboun, this is the way it should be: soldiers on the front so that citizens can live peacefully at home. He also articulates a clear vision of the foundational security concepts necessary for defeating fundamentalist terrorism. Incisive and inspirational, this is a must-read for anyone concerned about the world today.

Published 2017