The Essential Torah Temimah: Megillah Ruth

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The Essential Torah Temimah: Megillah Ruth
By Baruch Halevi Epstein
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The Essential Torah Temimah: Megillas Ruth
The Torah Temimah, by Harav Boruch Halevi Epstein (son of the author of the Aruch Hashulchan) is a well known and popular classic. Its aim is to show that the Written Torah is a twin sister, as it were, to the Oral Torah. They are inseparable, and as long as the Written Torah is not conjoined with the explanations and addenda of the Oral Torah, it is not complete.
This English edition of Megillas Ruth features:
    •    The complete original Hebrew text of the megilla, Rashi and Torah Temimah, as it appears in the Hebrew edition
    •    A new translation of the verses in accordance with the Talmudic derivations, expressing the synthesis of Talmud and Tanach.
    •    A translation of all the Talmudic sources, designed to reveal the derivations as implicit in the verse

(Note: the Torah Temimah's own commentary on the Talmudic sources appears in the Hebrew side only.)