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Children are a very important part of Passover!
At the Passover seder, children are asked to recite the four questions, and the seder, with its strange rituals, is meant to arouse curiosity in a child's mind. They then ask the question, "What is Passover all about?"
Passover toys, games and visual aids all help to create questions for a child to ask. At Israel's Judaica, we offer a selection of Passover toys, frogs, and masks to entertain and inspire children.
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The Best Seder Activity Book Ever
Ten Plagues Foam Finger Puppets
Sticker Scenes
Passover Ten Plagues Foam Glasses
Passover Stickers
Passover Set
Passover Placemat Kit
Passover Flip Frog
Passover 10 Plagues Puppet Kit
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My Jewish Holidays Board Book
My Favorite Passover Mini Puzzle
Jewish Holidays Dominoes Game
Holiday Puzzle Set Of 4
Giant Floor Puzzle
14 Products
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