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Jews eat matzah to remind them of their ancestors who fled Egypt in a hurry. Another name for Pesach and Passover is Hag HaMazot, the Holiday of Matzot.
Beautifying the Passover seder table is a part of Hiddur Mitzvah (Beautifying a commandment). Israel's Judaica carries a host of beautiful tableware for serving the special Passover foods in: Matzah trays, charoset dishes and chazeret dishes are all ways to beautify the seder table.
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Woven Frosted Matzah Tray
Wooden Passover Figures Matzah Tray
Stainless Steel Matzah Plate
Square Acrylic Matzah Tray
Round Acrylic Matzah Holder
Passover Swirl Matzah Tray
Matzah Tray- Spring
Matzah Sweeper
Matzah Box, Square, Gold Embossed
Matzah Box, Flip Top, Gold Embossed
Glass Passover Matzah Tray
Duo Linear Blue Matzah Plate
Blue Rock Matzah Tray
13 Products
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