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Melanie Dankowicz's designs come to life in stainless steel as seder plates, trivets, and other tableware. Her intricate papercut works include dreidels, mezuzot, and ketubot. All of her art work is crafted in the USA.

A winner of the NICHE Award of 2010, Melanie enjoys uniting traditional Jewish motifs with contemporary themes. She joins the flow of line with the depth of space, creating a complex work of striking detail. Her designs often celebrate the beauty of the wildflowers of Israel.

Melanie enjoys an ongoing artistic collaboration with her husband Harry Dankowicz, who skillfully and patiently brings to life all of her hand-made papercuts with his expert mastering of the X-acto knife.

Melanie began her artistic work in 1994 with the creation of a ketuba for the couple's own wedding. She draws inspiration from the countryside of Illinois, where she resides with Harry and their three children.

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Wild Rose Mezuzah
Wedding Mezuzah
Terrace Mezuzah
Spring Wedding Board
Spring Round Challah Board
Seder Plate Spring in Hebrew
Pomegranate Honey Dish
Passover Swirl Matzah Tray
Matzah Tray- Spring
Leafy Mezuzah
Delightful Dreidel
Blessed Mezuzah
Apple Shaped Honey Dish
13 Products
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