Please make sure that all the information on this form is complete, correct, and legible. We recommend that your rabbi or cantor approve this form. We cannot be responsible for your mistakes, omissions, or illegible information.

Please use Hebrew letters if you want specific spellings. If you use English letters for Hebrew names, we will use our judgement for spelling. If you need any help in completing this form, our Simcha Consultant would be more than happy to talk to you. Tel: 416-256-2858. Ext: 22 or by email: Click Here.

In Hebrew, it is traditional to place the father's name first. We therefore place the mother's name first in English. If you desire a different format, please request father's name first explicitly.

If you do not wish to have your mother's Hebrew name appear on a traditional text, please note your desire explicitly. In Hebrew, we will include the Hebrew abbreviation for “of blessed memory” for a deceased parent unless otherwise requested.

Please allow two weeks for completion. We can also complete any rush order you might have.   
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